Friday, January 6, 2012

It's said that time is deceptive. I can't help but agree. Five days ago, I watched fireworks light up the Kingston Harbor as we ushered in 2012. Five days ago. Where did the time go? Probably the better question to ask is, how did I make best use of that time?

I suffer from a problem that oftentimes affects my physical and mental capabilities. 'I'm sure you've heard of the condition; maybe it's something you're trying to treat as well procrastination.

It always starts out the same way: Yeah, this year's mine. I'm gonna do this-and-that by such-and-such time.... The gun goes off and, like a bolt (pun intended), I'm out of the blocks, adrenaline pumping, excitement coursing through my body. I mean, I'm setting fabulous, achievable goals, devising brilliant plans this is my year and I'm going to finish strong. Then I pull up about three weeks later, thinking what's the hurry? I got time .

I've always set out to do this year better with a well-thought out (I thought) list of do's and don't's. The reality is, though, this list thing often doesn't work. Personally, I compare my list with the number of days in the year and just keep pushing it back to a later date. By the end of the year, plans aren't looking as brilliant, goals far from achievable. Everything then gets added to the list for the following year...and the cycle frustratingly continues.

So, I figured resolution-making just wasn't my thing. Actually, I labeled it an impossible feat. Until I discovered a newer (and I believe better) way to make resolutions and keep them. I took the My One Word challenge ( And perhaps you should consider taking it too.

The My One Word challenge is about choosing a word that encourages character development and gives you a clearer vision for your future. Once you build character, your perspective is bound to change. Once perspective changes, you'll more than likely prioritize your life better. And if your priorities are in place, you'll find that staying on track with whatever objectives you've set for yourself isn't as hard as you think.

I've chosen Purpose (or maybe it chose me) for 2012. Incidentally, I was in church when the word jumped out at me. Previously, I had made a note in the margin of my Bible, and purpose was the word that caught my eye. I was still in the process of choosing a suitable word and when I saw  this one, I knew. And now with purpose in thought, word, and action, time becomes more precious to me. Minutes aren't wasted on the mundane and the trivial. Even down-time will be more deliberate; not some random period in my day that I stumble into because my body just can't go any further. As much as I wish I could, I can't reclaim the past; but I can certainly be more intentional about the present and the future.

Time does have a way of slipping away from you. But if you're careful, you can learn to keep pace. With a little purpose in my step - and God's help - I think I can achieve that.

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